Located in Natal, Brazil, A RODA is a civil nonprofit organization, and is not associated with any activities of a political or religious nature.  On April 17th 2008, its name was published in the Diário Oficial do Município de Natal/RN numero 1.342, under law n° 5.858 of 16th April of 2008 — which recognizes the organization as an entity of municipal public utility.

The association came into being in order to institutionalize the ten years of experience related to the activities of Project Crianças Capoeiristas of Planalto, developed by Prof. Zezinho of Master Canelão’s “Boa Vontade” academy in the Planalto neighborhood in Natal. The project was started with the aim of achieving the social integration of at-risk youth through sports, leisure, and education.  In addition to providing the opportunity for personal development, it also sought inclusion into the labor market for its beneficiaries.

During these formative years, support for the project was provided mainly by the accomplishments of its first students, who turned Capoeira into their livelihood. Today, they act as directors for the different activities undertaken.